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Eemann Tech IDPA Dry Firing Training Kit

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Eemann Tech IDPA Dry Firing Training Kit

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ET-222103 Eeman Tech
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Beskrivning av Eemann Tech IDPA Dry Firing Training Kit

The Eemann Tech Dry Firing Targets kit is specially made for home dry fire training exercises. The targets are laser cut products made of 2 mm thick MDF and have A, C and D zones clearly marked. 

Each target has a hole on the top part for attaching purposes onto any soft surfaces by tacs (included). 
The holes located on the target’s sides are meant for rotation imitation. Cut targets represent hard cover targets.

• Targets are of TAN color
• Poppers are of WHITE color

• Large targets: 15 cm tall that are 26 % of full-size target and imitate medium distance
• Medium targets: 9 cm tall that are 16 % of full-size target and imitate long distance
• Small targets: 6 cm tall that are 10 % of full-size target and imitate very long distance

• 2 Large Tan IDPA full shape targets
• 2 Large Tan IDPA half-side targets
• 3 Large Tan IDPA half-top targets 
• 3 Medium Tan IDPA full shape targets
• 2 Medium Tan IDPA half-side targets
• 2 Medium Tan IDPA half-top targets 
• 5 Small Tan IDPA full shape targets
• 2 Small Tan IDPA half-side targets
• 2 Small Tan IDPA half-top targets 

• 3 Large White IPSC poppers
• 2 Medium White IPSC poppers
• 2 Small White IPSC poppers

• 1 Block of self-adhesive stickers for bonus drill
• 1 Pack of needles for targets fixation

• BONUS: A “Quite Eye” training targets set and drill description from "SMART MOVE" book.

*More particular information about "Quiet Eye" training and other efficient movement optimizing drills for IPSC and USPSA shooters are available in the book SMART MOVE: Economy of Motion for the Shooting Sports by Kita Busse, 2019.

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